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A huge choice of commercial production music with no "needle-drop" or "laser-drop" fees. 

For home or professional use. May be used for radio or TV commercials. 

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Yep, it's all buy out music (that's the only kind of music WE sell!) It's all on compact disc and it's all covered with our 60-day money-back guarantee!

The Excellerator (TM) - 120 Sixty and thirty-second music beds ranging from high energy sports to rock, blues and ballads. Ideal for Rock radio stations. 2 CDs for $99. From GMI Media Group.  Online demo!

Muscle Shoals Magic (TM) - 6 CD's of :30 & :60 music beds for commercial production for $79!   Our best budget music bed collection. Complete track listings now on line. Online demo!

O'Connor Country Production Library - 5 CD's. 100% real instruments! Produced by Bob Piper using top Nashville and Dallas musicians. Online demo! Was $179, now only $89!

Urban JamsTM - 80 tracks of music beds, promo beds and effects for today's Urban stations - $39.   Online demo!

Music Man 97TM - 82 tracks of buy-out music for only $39. Online demo!

Music Man 98 - 72 tracks of Buy-Out Commercial Production Music on compact disc - $39.  Online demo!

The Mix TM from Sound Ideas - 10 CD's...a production room in a box. Over 1200 tracks of 30 & 60 second commercial music beds, production effects and sound effects. Our best overall value in a production package! Very high quality. $395 with free shipping worldwide. Online demo!

The Mix IITM from Sound Ideas - 10 CD's...Over 850 tracks of 30 & 60 second commercial music beds, Over 10 hours of music beds.  $495 with free shipping worldwide. Online demo!

The Mix IVTM offers a host of brand new music themes and sound effects - all royalty free. With more than 14 hours of first class production music and premium quality sound effects on 12 CDs, Mix IV boasts more than 1,200 tracks and over 400 themes.  $495 with free shipping worldwide.  Online demo!

Mix VTM   offers over one hundred full length tracks of today's most contemporary and dynamic music for only $495 with free shipping worldwide! Average length is over 3 minutes. Online demo!

Mix VITM  the newest addition to the popular Mix Music Series, features 150 more full length and royalty-free music tracks on 5 CDs for only $495 with free shipping worldwide.  Online demo!

Mix VIITM - an inspired new mix of sixty, thirty and fifteen second music tracks. With over twelve hundred tracks on twelve CDs. $495 with free shipping worldwide Online demo!

Music 2 Hues Flagship Series - 80 CDs worth of music on 10 .wav DVDs for only $895.

The Apple - Production music from the 70s. Great for novelty use. 10 discs for only $199.

Quixotic MusicTM - Choose the discs by the musical style you need.  $39 per disc, or 4 for $99, 8 for $169, or all 16 for $299. Online demo!

The MoneyDiscTM - 51 high quality commercial jingles to help you land Health Clubs, Truck Dealers, Florists, Banks, Restaurants, ISP's, Malls, Watersports, Real Estate, Beauty Salons, & Auto Dealers. Was $199, now only 99! Online demo!

Time & Space Travel:TM 99 music beds from different times and different places on CD for only $99!. Online demo!

Music StreetTM: Looking for a library that's . . . Fresh, Hip, Live? Music Street delivers with a versatile collection of new generation themes in 12 hot categories. Online demo! $149 - $1295.

Action Sports CD  25 tracks with full-length cuts (about 3 minutes) and broadcast-length mixes. $49.

123 Buy-out Holiday/Christmas  production music/sound effects.  Now only $69!

Production Garden: 165 Buy-out Christmas/Holiday Tracks on 2 CDs. $99.50 per CD or both for $159.

More Production Music - There's even more to choose from here.

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Sound Effects - Genuine real-life effects, like dogs barking, glass breaking, trains, planes, automobiles, crowd noises, you name it!  

Production Effects - Lasers, stingers, sweepers, whooshes, blips, statics, bumpers, and other electronic effects.

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